Annual Event


・Entrance ceremony
・Guidance for daily life and traffic safety
・City sightseeing
・Interim examination
・1st EJU


・1st JLPT
・The star festival
・School festival
・Summer vacation
・Semester final examination


・Entrance ceremony for October admission
・Field trip
・Cooking practice of Japanese food
・2nd EJU
・Interim examination
・2nd JLPT
・Sports festival


・Winter holidays
・Semester final examination
・Festival of Tsubaki shrine
・Graduation ceremony
・Spring holidays

There are various off-campus classes such as, ‘Sadoh’ (tea ceremony), ‘Shodoh’ (Japanese calligraphy during New Year days), and ‘field trip to a theater’ through out the year.
We incorporate not only classroom lectures, but also classes to experience Japanese cultures.

※EJU・・・Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
※JLPT・・・Japanese-Language Proficiency Test