Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures

To obtain a Student Visa, you will need to submit the application forms to Immigration Services Agency of Japan, then you will have to undergo the assessments.

Student Visa Procedures from application submission to the issue of permit

Procedure Detail April in-takes October in-takes
1.Application submission submit application forms that is specified by our school, also forms about you and your financial supporter.
June ~ September
December ~ March
2.Interview exam A test on N5 level and the simple conversions are held online.
October ~ November
April ~ May
3.Immigration submission Submit Certificate of Eligibility application forms to Office of Immigration and Emigration Management. Submission of those forms are done by our school.
4.Review at Immigration Bureau Checking process on application forms at Office of Immigration and Emigration Management.
5.Issuance of Certification After submission of the forms, to get grant and delivery of the Certificate of Eligibility takes approximately 2 month.
6.Apply at Japanese Embassy / move to Japan Visit Japanese embassy or Consulate-General of Japan at your country, to apply for State of Residence.
Once your State of Residence is granted, book your flight.
7.Entrance ceremony Start the classes!
Let's study and play together to achieve your goals!

Required documents at time of the application

Below are the required documents you will need at the time of the application.

Applicant submission documents
・Entrance application form specified by our school
・5 photographs of applicant
・Certificate of Japanese language learning
・ Result of Japanese Language exam (If you have)
・Copy of identification
・Copy of passport, if you have
Financial supporter documents
・Financial support form specified by our school
・Certificate of relationship with the applicant
・Certificate of employment
・Document of bank withdrawal detail (copy of bank passbook)
・Deposit balance statement
・Tax payment/ income statement

※Different documents may be required depending on your nationality. Please contact us for the details.
※Domestic residents in Japan, need different documents.

About study classes

Class composition with levels

The tests are conducted at every end of term (6 month) to check the levels, then you will study among the class that suits you the best.
At the time of entering the school, it is assumed that you have Japanese language skills around N3 level for 1 year course, N4 level for 1 and half year course, and around N5 level for 2 year course. By the time of graduation, students aim to reach each levels, N2 level for non-kanji countries’ students, N1 level for kanji countries’ students.

Level Target Contents
Beginner N4 Acquisition of N4 level Japanese basic skills. Daily life conversation,
Reading and writing of simple sentences Kanji(350 characters)
Beginner/Intermediate N3 N3 level daily conversation, reading and writing. Kanji(700 characters)
Intermediate N2 Acquisition of N2 level general Japanese comprehension (newspaper, news, etc.)
Strengthen Japanese operational skills such as presentations. Kanji (1000 – 1300 characters)
Advanced N1 Acquisition of N1 level advanced and comprehensive Japanese skills
Enhance Japanese operational skills such as discussion Kanji(2000 characters)

Tuition fee

Tuition fee differs depend on the courses you enter.

Application fee 20,000 yen
Entrance fee 80,000 yen
Course fee etc 1 year course 600,000 yen
delivery of entire fee by enrolment date
1.5 year course 900,000 yen
delivery of 1 year fee by enrolment date, then deliver the rest of fee after 1year
2 year course 1,200,000 yen
delivery of 1 year fee by enrolment date, then deliver the rest in 2 parts after 1 year

Screening fee is paid as document screening fee at the submission of the application form.
Payment such as enrolment fee and tuition fee for the first year should be made after issue of Certificate of Eligibility.

Class schedule

The start of the class time differ depending on the class you belong.

〈Morning Class〉 Monday – Friday
9:20 ~ 10:50
Short break
11:00 ~ 12:30
〈Afternoon Class〉 Monday – Friday
13:20 ~ 14:50
Short break
15:00 ~ 16:30

※No class on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays
※You might attend school on Saturdays and Sundays if there are some events within school.